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Birthdate:Feb 17
Location:Texas, United States of America
Updated on 1/8/14:
This livejournal (LJ) is mostly used for fandom purposes. I will occasionally post snippets about my personal life, but the fandom side of things far outweigh the personal, which is usually behind a cut.

I utilize both my Memories and Tags. If you see a mistake anywhere, please drop me a note in comments somewhere or via private message. I also post fiction on (although not much of the explicit NC-17 pieces) and Archive Of Our Own (AO3). I hope to sync up with my dreamwidth account sometime this year (2014) as well.

In regards to my fiction, several things:
- I consider a drabble to be 100 words exactly, a double drabble to be 200; a ficlet is 201-1000 words; a fic is 1001 words and up
- I don't squick easy; I am discovering that I have kinks now that I didn't 2 years ago. As long as it is well written, I'm generally game.
- I both read and write the following pairings: male/male, female/female, male/female, robot/robot (it's all a matter of opinion where Transformers lie).
- 95% of the time, I self-beta. I'm not perfect, although I like to think I'm somewhat grammar/POV/tense-competent. I will be thankful if you point at a mistake that I've made and missed, so please feel free to do so. Constructive criticism only makes better writers.
- Addendum to above: I believe in betas; I beta for others occasionally. However, I am not the most prolific writer and I generally do not write super long pieces. I usually will seek out a beta if I'm writing a gift fic or having a lot of difficulty with something I'm currently working on.
- I love being archived and recommended to others - it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Please inform me that you are archiving my work somewhere and link back to me directly, if you do however.
- Due to a recent post by the lovely ladydragon76, I thought I would write out some additional information on my works. The following have never come up, but are a just in case:
- I do not mind art based off my work. I would appreciate a brief heads-up ahead of time as well as a direct link back to my original piece.
- If you would like to write in one of my fic universes, please feel free to do so. The exceptions to this are any of my WIPs. To be honest, most of my fic is either porn or WIPs, so I don't anticipate many people rushing right out to do this, but hey, you never know, I guess.
- Translation to a different language - sure! Again ask me and then post a direct link back to the original piece (are you sensing a pattern here?)
- Remixes: I'm ok with my things being remixed, but I would really appreciate a full read through on my part prior to posting of the remix. There is a fine line between a remix and plagiarism: taking the concept in one of my drabbles and expanding it into a 3000 word fic is more what I'm interested in reading.
- Podfics: I support podfics in general. I... am not sure I would ever be able to listen to one of my stories in aural form, but please ask me in advance, and I'm sure that I would be ok with it.

I greatly believe in the phrase "don't like, don't read". I try to post as many warnings as possible, without giving too much of plot points away. I believe in politness and saying 'thank you' and I do my best to reply to all people who comment on my creations - I appreciate the time you take out of your life to tell me you like something that I've made. Even if I don't get a chance to directly thank you, please know that each and every comment really mean something to me.

I also make graphics: 100x100 icons and the occasional wallpaper. Occasionally I throw in LJ headers, colorbars, and character dolls into the mix. DO NOT hotlink anything I post (right click and save to your own computer) and please give me credit for anything that is going to be seen by other people (icons - credit in keywords for example).

Friending: I usually don't ask to friend other LJ users. If the journal is public, I don't see a point. As my journal is public as well, you don't have to ask to friend me. I also don't friend communities very often. I'm just too busy to sort through 500 posts every day. As such, I generally friend people who I've known for a while, or who's fiction or grapics I follow. I'm pretty much guaranteed to not friend you if all you post are meme results.

Blanket Disclaimer: For the fanfiction and graphics - I own none of the material that I am borrowing, and making no profits off of the material I produce. I do it for fun and enjoyment, and I hope everyone else can feel the same way.

LJ Layout v8 (4/12/11). Based off the song "Tomorrow Never Knows" by Carla Azar & Alison Mosshart from the Sucker Punch soundtrack. Bits of lyrics are throughout the LJ layout. Banner made by me. Want, take, credit, have.

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